Young Hercules

Young Hercules is a spin-off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It was aired on Fox Kids  from September 12, 1998 to May 12, 1999. It lasted only one season with 50 episodes (51 episodes were actually written, but 50 were produced and aired)
This show tells the tale of Hercules adventures as a teenager when he learned his warrior skills at a training academy. Together with his friends Iolaus and Jason, he fights his brother Ares, other gods such as Bacchus, and various bandits and mythical beasts. 


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Ryan Gosling, Dean O'Gorman, Chris Conrad

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If you are a fan of Xena and Hercules then you should check out this show. It was aimed at a younger demographic, but I think it did pretty good at keeping up with it's older syblings. And hey a young Ryan Gosling is nothing to snear at.

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Couldn't find a trailer but this fanvid shows some pretty good clips and a good feel of the show


  1. Thanx for this!... When I started seeing Ryan Gosling in movies he always seemed familiar to me.. and now I know why!

  2. Happy to share. I actually told someone I would post this on tvfl like a year ago and never got around to it.

  3. wow! cheers mate.
    never actually noticed that it's Ryan Gosling till 2day!
    fun series

  4. Thanks for getting these all back up so quickly.


  5. Ask and ye shall receive...assuming I have the time and MU cooperates with me ;)