Roommates is an American  television sitcom developed by ABC Family and Acme Productions that premiered on March 23, 2009. It ran for 13 episodes.
The series follows five very different characters and their struggles through life. The main focus of the show revolves around Mark, a struggling actor, who thinks his dream has come true when he runs into high-school crush Katie and finds she is after a new roommate. Mark takes the chance, moves in, and starts to find a way to win her heart. Katie, who is completely oblivious to Mark's motives, has a hard time getting over her previous boyfriend, Ben, and looks to Mark for support.

The other two roommates Hope and James, both have their own problems... Hope longing for an upscale job after losing her job from the television studio and James bringing a slapstick comedy as he takes a delight in watching Marks attempts to "Woo" Katie. The series also includes Thom, Mark's Ex-Roommate, who feels he is destined to help Mark in his quest to be a unit with Katie.
Dorian Brown, Tyler Francavilla, Tamera Mowry, Tommy Dewey, David Weidoff

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    Rmt - 101 - The Roommate.avi
    Rmt - 102 - The Tarot.avi
    Rmt - 103 - The Lie.avi
    Rmt - 104 - The Break In.avi
    Rmt - 105 - The Set-Up.avi
    Rmt - 106 - The Mark-A-Like.avi
    Rmt - 107 - The Uninvited Thom.avi
    Rmt - 108 - The Green People.avi
    Rmt - 109 - The Game Night.avi
    Rmt - 110 - The Tickets.avi
    Rmt - 111 - The Mother of James.avi
    Rmt - 112 - The Trash 'N Treasures.avi
    Rmt - 113 - The Old and the New.avi

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