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Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a comic book limited series that continues the storyline of the CBS television show Jericho following its cancellation. It is being written by Jason M. Burns and the Jericho  writing team, and being published by Devil's Due Publishing. It will consist of six issues, the first installment being released on November 25, 2009. Season 4 is a continuation of the comic book series that was released by IDW Publishing on August 15, 2012. The five issue story picked up after the events of Jericho: Season Three. The comic is written by Kalinda Vazquez with the process being overseen by the original television series’ writers.
At the conclusion of the TV series, the new Cheyenne-based Allied States of America governs the former United States west of the Mississippi River, with the exception of Texas. The eastern states are governed by a rival remnant government, based in Columbus, Ohio. Texas was about to form an alliance with the ASA. To prevent this, Jake Green and Robert Hawkins  have delivered the last nuclear bomb – which was intended to destroy Columbus – to the Independent Republic of Texas. Analysis of the bomb will demonstrate that the ASA lied about the origin of the 23 bombs used in the September Attacks on 23 U.S. cities, falsely blaming them on the Iranian and North Korean governments. Texas now sides with Columbus rather than Cheyenne, and the Second American Civil War is at hand.
Hawkins and the Texas leadership know they need something more to help win the war. Hawkins gets a message from an old enemy who just might be able to help, if Hawkins can help him first. This sends Jake Green and Robert Hawkins back into the hostile Allied States where they are wanted for acts of terrorism.

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Last Time    *published February 19, 2014
Jericho - Season 4 #5 (of 5)

The grand finale of Jericho Season Four changes everything! Everything hangs in the balance as Jake Green and Robert Hawkins are faced with a terrible choice, one that could change everything for the residents of JerichoÖ and the Allied States of America! Don't miss the stunning conclusion of Jericho, brought to you by the writing staff of the acclaimed series!

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