Eternal Law

Eternal Law is a 2012 ITV fantasy drama series created by Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham.   The first episode premiered on 5 January 2012. The show was axed after one series due to low ratings.
Mr Mountjoy in heaven sends two wing bearing angels to earth to help humans with their problems. The wings are unseen by humans. One, Zak Gist, is an experienced angel who has been on earth before and a new angel Tom Greening learning the ways of humans. It is decided they can best help humans as defence lawyers and arrive in York, England, meet Mrs Sherringham who arranges offices and accomodation. Mrs Sherringham keeps a pair of wings in a trunk. In court they cross paths with a fallen angel, Richard Pembroke, who is a prosecution lawyer. Zak also meets Hannah, a woman from his past visits to earth.
The prime rule for the angels is non-interference in the free will of humanity although they have powers to influence the human mind which they are tempted to and do use.


Sam West, Orla Brady, Tobias Menzies, Ukweli Roach and Hattie Morahan.

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RG's Views
Again I only saw the first episode. I read the synopsis for the series and thought it sounded ridiculous but because I am a fan of fantasy shows, and my friend Gypsy was the one who had posted it I decided to give it a look. And surprisingly I quite enjoyed it. I think this premise only works cause it's a British show. They have a way of making these concepts work. It isn't the best show on the airwaves but it's worth a look.

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