Queer As Folk (UK) OST

Ultimate Queer as Folk - The Best Of And More

CD 1
01. Feel the Need in Me - Utopia
02. Haven't You Heard - Indigo, Indigo
03. Holiday [Bootleg Mix] - Who's That Girl
04. Young Hearts Run Free [Almighty Mix] - Hannah Jones, Respect
05. To Deserve You [Fired Up Mix] - Déjà Vu
06. S.O.S. [Almighty Club Class Filtered Mix] - Abbacadabra
07. Crush [Fired Up Mix] - Bianca
08. Like a Prayer - Who's That Girl
09. Love Pains [Definitive Mix] - Obsession
10. You Think You're a Man [Definitive Mix] - Full Frontal
CD 2
01. Free Gay and Happy [Almighty Go Disco Mix] - Disco Divas
02. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) [Almighty Disco Mix]
03. Armed and Extremely Dangerous [Mary Brazzle Mix] - Shirley Lewis, Respect
04. Uninvited [Fired Up Mix] - Déjà Vu
05. How Could He Do This to Me [Club Mix] - Tammy Haywood
06. Better the Devil You Know [Definitive Mix] - K.I.A.
07. Save Tonight [Club Mix]
08. I Am What I Am [Definitive Mix] - Hannah Jones, Respect
09. Mouth [Definitive Mix] - Rochelle
10. Mamma Mia [Definitive Mix] - Abbacadabra 

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