NBC Cancels 'Sean Saves the World'

Ask not for whom the bell tolls Sean Hayes; it tolls for thee. Or at least for your sitcom.
After a half season's worth of ever dwindling ratings (the most recent episode drew a measly 0.7 demo and just over two and a half million viewers), NBC has opted to halt production on 'Sean Saves the World' and remove it from the network's Thursday schedule.
'Sean's initial order was for the standard 13 episodes, and the sitcom was granted five more installments back in November, bringing its first season order to 18 episodes. Well, technically 19, counting the original pilot episode. Thirteen of those 19 have aired so far, with two more completed episodes already in the can. NBC has indicated that they plan to burn those off sometime after the Sochi Winter Olympics wrap up. What day of the week they'll choose to do that on is anybody's guess.
The next logical question to ask here is where this leaves 'Sean's lead-out 'The Michael J. Fox Show.' Both shows were attempts by NBC to right their flagging Thursday night ship by airing comedies starring established sitcom stars, and both shows have done equally as bad in the ratings. I see no possible way that a show drawing 0.8s will get renewed, so my prediction is that NBC waits for 'MJF' to finish its 22 episode season, then drops the ax. Contractually, they can't remove it from the schedule, as Fox only agreed to come onboard if NBC committed to airing a full first season.
If nothing else, the epic failures of 'Sean' and 'Fox' should serve as beacons of hope for 'Community' fans. NBC won't cancel all of its comedies at once, and 'Community' at least draws 1.2s.


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