Black Sash

Black Sash is an American action adventure drama television series starring Russell Wong. It ran from March 30, 2003, to June 1, 2003. Including pilots, a total of eight episodes were made, however only six episodes were aired on The WB.

Russell Wong plays Tom Chang, an undercover narcotics cop, who is framed for smuggling heroin and spends five years incarcerated in a Hong Kong prison. Having lost his career, wife and the right to see his daughter, he returns home to San Francisco to try and restore his former life. In San Francisco, Tom's mentor, Master Li (Mako), gives Tom his Chinese martial arts school to run and somewhere to live in a building on the wharf.

Students at the school included Tory Stratton played by Missy Peregrym, Trip Brady played by Corey Sevier, Bryan Lanier played by Ray J, Allie Bennett played by Sarah Carter, and Nick Reed played by Drew Fuller.

The series revolved around Tom's relationship with his daughter and wife, who has since re-married, and on his role as a mentor to the students who attend his martial arts school. The series also focused on the romantic relationships of its characters.

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