Bette is a CBS television show which premiered on October 11, 2000, and was the debut of the entertainer Bette Midler  in a lead TV series role. A "one-season wonder", 16 episodes were aired on CBS, with its final telecast on March 7, 2001. Eighteen episodes in total were produced, with the final two broadcast on HDTV simulcasting and in foreign markets. Bette was created by Jeffrey Lane, with Midler serving as one of the executive producers.
Bette Midler plays herself - a divine celebrity who is adored by her fans. Although she is a celebrity, her family is often ashamed of her - Bette is constantly on diets and far away in dreams - she is everything but a perfect celebrity. Although her life… More is a mess, she loves it!
Bette Midler, Joanna Gleason, Kevin Dunn, James Dreyfus, Marina Malota, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Hays

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S1 tvrips

    1x18 - A Method to Her Madness.avi
    1x17 - The Grammy Pre-show.avi
    1x16 - A Brand New Roy.avi
    1x15 - Polterguest.avi
    1x14 - The Invisible Mom.avi
    1x13 - Big Business.avi
    1x12 - Of Men and Meatballs.avi
    1x11 - True Story.avi
    1x10 - Diva, Interrupted.avi
    1x09 - ... Or Not to Be.avi
    1x08 - I Love This Game.avi
    1x07 - In My Life.avi
    1x06 - Color of Roses.avi
    1x05 - Two Days at a Time.avi
    1x04 - Silent But Deadly.avi
    1x03 - Halloween.avi
    1x02 - And the Winner Is....avi
    1x01 - Pilot.avi

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