Living With Fran

Living With Fran is an American  sitcom that debuted on The WB network in April 2005 that starred Fran Drescher. The show last aired on March 2006.
Drescher plays Fran Reeves, an interior designer and divorced  mother of two. Her son, Josh, recently dropped out of medical school and now lives at home with his younger sister, Allison, and his mother and her young boyfriend, Riley Martin. Fran deals with the visits of her lazy ex-husband, Ted, and her divorced cousin, Merrill. Fran also must deal with the fact that others, including her son, disapprove of the relationship she has with her much younger boyfriend.
Fran Drescher, Ryan McPartlin, Ben Feldman, Misti Traya, Charles Shaughnessy, Debi Mazar, Lainie Kazan, Ryan Devlin

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*These are mostly youtube conversions, but the quality is pretty good. Episodes 108-113 were unaired in America and have only been released in foreign languages. The episodes I have are french with no subs.

S1 tvrips

    LWF 101 - Pilot .avi
    LWF 102 - Riley's parents.avi
    LWF 103 - The Ex-Factor.avi
    LWF 104 - The Reunion.avi
    LWF 105 - Oh Baby.avi
    LWF 106 - who's the parent.avi
    LWF 107 - Carriage Ride.avi
    LWF 108 - Le.Concert.avi
    LWF 109 - Ambiance.Sur.Le.Chantier.avi
    LWF 110 - Le.Scoop.De.La.Journée.avi
    LWF 111 - Quand.Les.Grands.S'amusent.avi
    LWF 112 - Ca.Déménage!.avi
    LWF 113 - Le.Brunch.Du.Dimanche.avi

S2 TvRips

    LWF 201 - A year of living with Fran.avi
    LWF 202 - Going to the Bar Mitzvah with Fran.avi
    LWF 203 - sweet sixteen again with fran.avi
    LWF 204 - Learning with Fran.avi
    LWF 205 - Ahead of the plan with Fran.avi
    LWF 206 - Going Crazy With Fran.avi
    LWF 207 - Coupling.With.Fran.avi
    LWF 208 - Healing With Fran.avi
    LWF 209 - The Whole Clan With Fran.avi
    LWF 210 - Masquerading With Fran.avi
    LWF 211 - Going To Bed With Fran.avi
    LWF 212 - Dreaming with Fran.avi
    LWF 213 - Reuniting.With.Fran.avi

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