Reba is an American sitcom starring Reba McEntire. It premiered on The WB in 2001, where it ran for five seasons before The WB merged with UPN to form The CW Television Network (The CW), and it ran on The CW for its final season.
Southern soccer mom Reba's life is turned upside down when her hubby leaves her for his pregnant younger girlfriend. Now Reba's forced to hold it together as a newly single mom with three kids and a grandkid under one roof. Good thing she has her humor and tough love to help make it through life's crazy ups and downs.
Reba McEntire, Christopher Rich, Joanna Garcia, Steve Howey, Scarlett Pomers, Mitch Holleman and Melissa Peterman

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S1 DVDrip

    Rb-101 Pilot.avi 141.53 MB
    Rb-102 The Honeymoon's Over or Now What.avi      142.35 MB
    Rb-103 Someone's at the Gyno with Reba.avi  165.96 MB
    Rb-104 You Make Me Sick.avi  141.99 MB
    Rb-105 The Steaks Are High.avi 175.87 MB
    Rb-106 The Man and the Moon.avi 165.58 MB
    Rb-107 Tea and Antipathy.avi  166.65 MB
    Rb-108 Don't Know Much About History.avi 166.51 MB
    Rb-109 Every Picture Tells a Story.avi 166.15 MB
    Rb-110 When Good Credit Goes Bad.avi  178.19 MB
    Rb-111 Meet the Parents.avi 172.16 MB
    Rb-112 A Mid-Semester's Night Dream.avi
    Rb-113 Brock's Swan Song.avi
    Rb-114 The Story of a Divorce.avi
    Rb-115 You May Kick the Bride.avi
    Rb-116 Vanny Dearest.avi
    Rb-117 He's Having a Baby.avi
    Rb-118 She Works Hard for Their Money.avi
    Rb-119 Labor of Love.avi
    Rb-120 The King and I.avi
    Rb-121 Up a Treehouse with a Paddle.avi

S2 Dvdrip

     Reba-201 House Rules.avi
     Reba-202 Skating Away.avi
     Reba-203 Proud Reba.avi
     Reba-204 Reba Works For Brock.avi
     Reba-205 - It's Jake's Party, Cry If You Want To.avi
     Reba-206 - Safe Dating.avi
     Reba-207 - Mommy Nearest.avi
     Reba-208 - Switch.avi
     Reba-209 - Ring-A-Ding.avi
     Reba-210 - Cookies For Santa.avi
     Reba-211 - A Moment In Time.avi
     Reba-212 - The Vasectomy.avi
     Reba-213 - The Rings.avi
     Reba-214 - Seeing Red.avi
     Reba-215 - Terry Holliway.avi
     Reba-216 Valentine's Day.avi
     Reba-217 The Feud.avi
     Reba-218 And The Grammy Goes To..._.avi
     Reba-219 The Wall.avi
     Reba-220 The Best Defence.avi
     Reba-221 For Sale Cheap.avi
     Reba-222 - The Will.avi
     Reba-223 - Location, Location, Location.avi
     Rb - 224 - Your Place Or Mine.avi

S3 tvrips

    Reba-301&302 - She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye.avi
    Reba-303 - War And Peace.avi
    Reba-304 - The Best And The Blondest.avi
    Reba-305 - Spies Like Reba.avi
     Reba-306 - Calling The Pot Brock.avi
    Reba-307 - Encounters.avi
    Reba-308 - The Ghost And Mrs. Hart.avi
    Reba-309 - The Cat's Meow.avi
    Rb-310 - Regarding Henry.avi
    Rb-311 - The Great Race.avi
    Rb-312 - All Growed Up.avi
    Rb-313 - The United Front.avi
    Rb-314 - To Tell You The Truth.avi
    Rb-315 - Brock's Mulligan.avi
    Rb-316 - The Shirt Off My Back.avi
    Rb-317 - Sister Act.avi
    Rb-318 - Fight Or Flight.avi
    Rb-319 - The Big Fix-Up.avi
    Rb-320 - The Good Girl.avi
    Rb-321 Happy Pills.avi
    Rb-322 Girl's Night Out.avi
    Rb-323 Core Focus.avi


    Rb-401 The Accidental Role Model.avi
    Rb-402 Mother's Intuition.avi
    Rb-403 The Two Girl Theory.avi
    Rb-404 Van's Agent.avi
    Rb-405 Surprise.avi
    Rb-406 Couples' Therapy.avi
    Rb-407 All Fore One.avi
    Rb-408 Hello, I Must Be Going.avi
    Rb-409 Thanksgiving.avi
    Rb-410 No Boys Upstairs.avi
    Rb-411 Diamond Jim Brady.avi
    Rb-412 Reba And The Nanny.avi
    Rb-413 Date of Birth.avi
    Rb-414 Reba The Realtor.avi
    Rb-415 Flowers For Van.avi
    Rb-416 Who Killed Brock.avi
    Rb-417 The Pageant Of Grandmas.avi

S5 hdtv

    Rb-501 Where There's Smoke.avi
    Rb-502 Reba And The One.avi
    Rb-503 As Is.avi
    Rb-504 And God Created Van.avi
    Rb-505 No Good Deed.avi
    Rb-506 Best Li'l Haunted House In Texas.avi
    Rb-507 Have Your Cake.avi
    Rb-508 Grannies Gone Wild.avi
    Rb-509 Invasion.avi
    Rb-510 Issues.avi
    Rb-511 Brock's Got Stones.avi
    Rb-512 Parenting With Puppets.avi
    Rb-513 Don't Mess With Taxes.avi
    Rb-514 The Goodbye Guy.avi
    Rb-515 Money Blues.avi
    Rb-516 The Trouble With Dr. Hunky.avi
    Rb-517 Reba The Landlord.avi
    Rb-518 The Blonde Leading The Blind.avi
    Rb-519 Here We Go Again.avi
    Rb-520 Red Alert.avi
    Rb-521 Two Weddings And A Funeral.avi
    Rb-522 Reba's Heart.avi

S6 hdtv

    Rb-601 Lets Get Physical.avi
    Rb-602 Just Business.avi
    Rb-603 Trading Spaces.avi
    Rb-604 Roll With It.avi
    Rb-605 The Break Up.avi
    Rb-606 Sweet Child O' Mine.avi
    Rb-607 Locked & Loaded.avi
    Rb-608 As We Forgive Those..._.avi
    Rb-609 Bullets Over Brock.avi
    Rb-610 Cheyenne's Rival.avi
    Rb-611 She's with the Band.avi
    Rb-612 The House Warming.avi
    Rb-613 The Kids are Alright.avi


    Rb-S100 Bloopers and Outtakes.avi
    Rb-S100 Deleted Scene for 'Tea and Antipathy'.avi
    Rb-S100 Deleted Scene for 'You May Kick the Bride' ...
    Rb-S100 Deleted Scene for 'You May Kick the Bride' ...
    Rb-S100 'Creating Reba' Featurette.avi
    Rb-S100 'On the Scene with Barbra Jean' Featurette.avi
    Reba McEntire - Every Other Weekend.avi