Here is where you can post any requests. If you want a show that you don't find listed here, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you out. If I can't upload it, I'll at least try to point you in the right direction.

Remember that I only upload single MU links in standard format for the shows I watch myself. :)

Now that NooR7.Us forum seems to be stable, that's where I will post any links I find, that I don't plan to upload myself. So I recommend registering there. It's free with a growing database and friendly, helpful staff (of which I am a part.)


  1. Great posts you've got here. Thanks a great deal.

    Can you also upload 24(Season 1-8) in microHD (.mkv) Format? 500MB (or there about) file sizes per episode will be fine. Single MU links will be perfect for me.
    Thanks a million times in advance

  2. Hi Vic, thanks for visiting.

    Unfortunately I don't watch 24, but there are some eps in that format going up on noor7.

  3. Thanks for the great links. Any chance you have the Riches session 2?

  4. no I don't but I found them here for you:

  5. Thank you so much!! I have been looking for this for a while!! I really aprecaite you finding it for me!!!

  6. I have no requests but much praise. The blog's shaping up very nicely!

    Just popping in and making sure I leave a note saying ...


  7. Kindred: The Embraced... that was a great show. Have that?

  8. nope but found them here:

  9. Faerie Tale Theatre... I found the entire dvd rip, which is huge. Have you seen the individual episodes posted?


    is all I found. I remember them being posted on tvfl but no idea if it ever got posted as individual eps.

    It is something I'd be interested in for myself but that many rs files would take weeks to download....

    try posting them on cptvfl and request there. Maybe someone with a fast speed could get it done.

  11. I am looking for the program " any day now"
    It was on for 4 sessions.

  12. Sorry, Linda. No sign of that anywhere. I remember looking for it for someone on tvfl awhile back too with no luck. I suggest you try requesting it at one of the forums. Maybe someone has it in their collection. Meanwhile I'll keep an eye open.

  13. Thanks for your help and speedy reply.

  14. Do you know I never actually watched that. Maybe I will get around to it one day, as I get the feeling I would like the dynamic between those actors.

    In the meantime the links are here:

  15. V.I.P. ( pamela anderson series from a few years ago)

  16. I'm afraid all I could find was season 1


  17. The Thick Of It (UK)

    Coupling (UK)

    Dark Shadows and/or Dark Shadows Revival

    Thanks a mil :)

  18. As I think you've found, Dark Shadows revival is already here:

    I'm downloading Coupling as we speak, so hopefully will go up in a couple of days if not sooner.

    The thick of It is available on NooR7.US

    And The original Dark Shadows:

    though you have to register to Noor7 to see the links, I mod there and it's a great site. Well worth the effort.

    As long as you still come visit me here. lol

  19. Tnx! That was real quick.
    yeah, saw the DS-Revival post ;)!
    finally get to watch DS.
    Thanks for all the other links too.
    very nice blog
    will definitely stick around.

    cheers mate

  20. Coupling (UK) is now up

  21. Hi! I was wondering if you'll upload the missing Who's the Boss? episodes anytime soon. I'm greatly enjoying them!

  22. Hi Eva,

    Who's the Boss is one of those shows that has apparently never been up on MU as it takes forever to upload. But I will move it to the top of my list, and try to at least get a few eps a day uploaded.

  23. Hi RickiesGal,

    I would like to request every single show known to man. I would like them in all languages, and I would like them posted now, not your earliest convenience but right now.. because I'm sure you don't have anything else to do but SERVE ME!!!! Hahahahahahaaa!

  24. For anyone who read that and maybe thought I was serious... I was just joking... lol

  25. lol

    Gypsy, my love, I live to serve you. ;)

    I love granting all my bloggie requests. Thankfully most of them show great patience with me and my multi-tasking.

  26. Silk stalkings after season 5 when they changed the cast

  27. Silk Stalkings isn`t a show I am familiar with. My friend DStanley has the first 5 seasons:

    I had a look around the internet but saw no trace of the following seasons. Sorry. :(

  28. I am looking for a show called Reasonable Doubts.

    Reasonable Doubts is a police drama broadcast in the United States by NBC that ran from 1991 to 1993.

  29. That's what that show was called! I'd like that one too!

    Unfortunately I've come up empty on it. I'll keep an eye out for it, but if you find it first please let me know.

  30. Thanks for your help.
    i posted on a view sites so I will let you know if I hear anything.

  31. Do you remember USA High? It was by the same people who did Saved By the Bell and California Dreams... same type of show. I really loved that one.. you think you could get that? I saw a couple of eps on TVFL but not a lot...

  32. I don't even remember hearing about that show much less watching it. Must have been after I left those teen nbc shows behind me.

    I found some links for it here:

    Though it's far from being all of them and there are some on youtube as well.

  33. Hi RickiesGal ...would hugely appreciate links (or pointers) to AVI rips of:

    - McGee & Me
    - Thunder Alley
    - Perfect Strangers S3 - S8
    - Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
    - Reasonable Doubts (2nd request)

    - Adventures Of Paddington Bear (animated '97 Cinar/CookieJar cartoon series ... not the '80s puppet version)

    *Super blog, super rips ... huge thanks.

  34. hey Snortle, that's a tall order but I'll see what i can find :)

  35. I'm afraid I didn't find the complete seasons for any of your requests. the following was the best I could do.

    Perfect Strangers - the only eps I found were on youtube :

    Thunder Alley: only found a few on youtube:

    Hanging with mr cooper:

    (I'd like these too if found complete)

    (I recommend jdownloader to grab youtube links)

  36. Ren & Stimpy please
    and heroes season 1 and 2 please

  37. I have no interest in Ren & Stimpy for myself but you can find the links here:

    I'll move Heroes up on my list.

  38. Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1 and 4 please.

  39. Most of the Battlestar Galactica links appear to be down at present, what I did find are here:

    Must register to see links. But it's free and a great site.

  40. Hi
    I look For all saints
    Series 9
    series 11(Episode 29~41)
    can you help me?

  41. most of the eps for All Saints are here:

  42. Any chance you could find 'Still Standing' ( I've only been able to find mpg format but was looking for avi. If you can find it as a dvdrip that would just be an added bonus! :D

    Thanks for all the help and all the hard work with this lovely blog.

  43. I actually did enjoy that show, so I'll have a look around. I make no promises on speed of delivery though. I'm rather behind lately.

  44. Can you please upload "I love money" Season 1?!
    All Seasons of "Flavor of love", "Rock of love", "Charm School", "I love N.Y.", "Daisy of love" ect. would be awesome too!
    I freaking love these reality shows ^^

  45. And I hate them :P

    Have a look on NooR7, I'll see if I can leech any for you, and if not then, try requesting them there.

  46. Wow, just read through all of your requests & replies. You provide an awesome service!

    I have been surfing (and leeching) for various shows & movies over the past year or so, and your site has the most similarities with my tastes. So maybe, some of the shows that I have had difficulty finding might interest you as well.

    -> Charles in Charge (1984 - 1990) - Watched season 1 on Hulu, but can't find any others.
    -> Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (1976) - Campy but fun...
    -> Honey West (1965 - 1966) - Never seen it, but have read good things.
    -> The Avengers (1961 - 1969) - I have seen various DVD's for this, but never any files for download.
    -> Sheena (2000 - 2002) - I'm guessing this will be pretty campy too, but I liked the movie...

    If you have any luck finding these, or are even interested in looking - much appreciated!


  47. Привет rickiesgal! Было бы очень высокую оценку от масс, если вы были бы способны размещения остальных Scrubs на вашем супер захватывающим удивительные блоге на сайте. Благодарю Вас и великий день! :)

  48. "Hi rickiesgal! It would be very appreciated by the masses, and if you would be able to accommodate the rest of Scrubs on your super exciting awesome blog site. Thank you and great day! :)"

    @ Roomate you are lucky there is google translate. Scrubs is on my list and I hope to get the rest up soon.

    Вам повезет, есть Google Translate. Scrubs в моем списке, и я надеюсь получить остальные в ближайшее время.

  49. Im looking for "I'm With Her" and "LAX"

  50. Could you please post the rest of Smallville? Thank you! :)

  51. I'm looking for the second of two prequels to the Love Comes Softly series of movies that recently aired on Hallmark Channel.

    *Title: Love's Everlasting Courage
    *Year Made: 2011

    I got one of them, Love Begins, over at NooR7 but so far no takers on this one.


  52. sorry I am not currently taking requests here anymore as it's no longer a link blog. But if I find them, I'll be sure to add them to NooR7