So I have officially checked through all the links and all MU are up and running. I have however, noticed that a lot of the MV links for my extras refuse to convert. I've left them up in hope that they might eventually wake up, but if not well then I guess you all will just have to download them ;)

A couple of this week's shows have yet to be released, but I am still looking for them and will post as soon as I can.

I have some more cancelled shows ready to add and hopefully I'll get to it soon. It takes some time to get all these posts formatted the way I want them, so I hope you can all bare with me. Things are constantly uploading/downloading/converting/burning. It's a wonder the computer doesn't just go up in flames.

I also have a new addition planned for the music lovers out there.

But right now, I plan to have a snack and sit down to watch some of these shows I downloaded.


  1. You go girl :) Keep up your excellent work! We cannot thank you enough <3

  2. Awe! Thanks Rasa, you just made my morning.