new blog

Hey folks.

I just wanted to let everyone know, I've started a new blog where you can see my fanvids. I have a youtube channel, but most of my vids are blocked there. So hopefully by uploading straight to blogger some of them can be seen. (download links also included for those that want them)

Vidding is how I began doing what I'm doing here now. I was looking for source material which eventually lead me to the forums.  After awhile, I decided to help other collectors out there find what they needed, whether it was for vidding themselves or just watching.

In case anyone is wondering what I mean by vidding well,  you'll just have to visit the new blog for a sample. But in short, it's the art of compiling clips and/or pics to music and creating a new story.

It takes a lot of time and can be very creatively fulfilling. But like most things of that nature, it craves an audience. So while I enjoy making them for myself, I find my muse needs a bit of adulation to keep her going.

So if you've ever wanted to thank me for that show you really wanted to find, here's your chance. Please check in periodically as I gradually get my vids posted. And remember that feedback is love.


  1. I am a big fan of youtube and I really enjoy how creative people can be making their own videos to the songs. I will definitely check out some of your vids.

  2. Thanks Froggy. hope you find something you like

  3. Hey RickiestGal, Megaupload deleted all your Birds of <Prey links, it sucks!!! Can you post it again and give us the link?

  4. I'll add it to the list. The blog took a big hit this week with lots of links going down.