Spirited is an Australian television drama series that will screen on Foxtel's W in 2010. On 15 October 2011, it was reported that the series was cancelled. Immediately following this announcement, members of the fan community responded by launching the "SOS: Save Our Spirited" protest.

A drama/comedy/romance starring Claudia Karvan as Suzy Darling, a dentist who has moved so single-mindedly through life that she has not stopped to smell the roses. When she walks away from what has become a loveless marriage and moves into an old apartment block, Suzy encounters the ghost of '80s rock star Henry Mallet. It is a blackly funny exploration of love, death and life.

   Theme Song:
Stranded by The Saints

   Starring:   Claudia Karvan, Matt King, Rodger Corser, Belinda Bromilow, Louis Fowler, Charlie Hancock


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RG's Views
I was so in love with this show. Not so much with how it ended though. It kinda felt like they rushed it just to be able to tie up loose ends. That being said, it did have an end which is much better than cliffhangers that leave you hanging forever.

The characters are just so wonderful. They feel like real people. And the love story so genuine. You can see them falling in love and you believe it. Must watch if you are a lover of fantasy romance.

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  1. G-day! an greetings from Sydney!

    I was lucky enough to watch ep's 102,103,104 - CLEARLY the most AMAZING series Ive seen on Australian television PAST 40 years!

    I am totally HOOKED! AMAZING sense of humour both in the lines, AND from visual perspectives A series that should have 80 SEASONS not just a lousy 8 episodes.

    Its fresh, confronting, piss funny and yet in parts very deep.

    I WISH there was some way of getting loads of shots and things as I would be only too happy to make screensavers and other "themed" things..this WILL become a CULT-CLASSIC!

    Great acting and fantastic varieties of perspective - I think if they don't continue this show it will be a truly sad day for Australian television.

  2. i totally agree with you on the show quality. It's a real gem and hopefully it will go on more then a season.

    As for getting screenshots I know you can use windows movie maker to capture shots, though they tend not to be of the best quality.

    but I found this tutorial on making screencaps, that may be helpful to you: http://hubpages.com/hub/making-screencaps-with-vlc

    good luck.