Sirens is a comedy drama series written by Brian Fillis, Tony Basgallop, Sarah Phelps and broadcast on Channel 4. It Premiered June 27, 2011. On 17 October 2011, Rhys Thomas and Channel 4 confirmed that there would not be a second series.
A team of world-weary paramedics are forced to confront the dregs of society - not to mention their own inadequacies - in this comedy drama

    Theme Song: 
Little Barrie - Surf Hell

Kayvan Novak, Rhys Thomas, Richard Madden, Amy Beth Hayes, Ben Batt, Annie Hulley, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

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RG's Views:
Sirens was one of my favorites at the time it was on. Didn't get nearly the hype it should have gotten. Well worth a look.
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