Kirstie is an American sitcom on TV Land, starring Kirstie Alley, that premiered on December 4, 2013.
Kirstie revolves around Madison "Maddie" Banks, a renowned Broadway star who finds her life turned upside down when Arlo (Petersen), the son she gave up at birth, suddenly appears hoping to connect after his adoptive parents have died. However, Maddie doesn't exactly see nerdy and schlubby Arlo fitting in with her luxurious lifestyle. But when Maddie's assistant and best friend, Thelma (Perlman), and outlandish driver Frank (Richards) encourage her to give Arlo a chance, Maddie is shocked to find that perhaps she has motherly instincts after all.


Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman, Michael Richards, Eric Petersen

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Very early days for this one but liking it so far. Sitcom veterans who know how to do it well.
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Last Time    *aired February 26, 2014
Kirstie - 1x12 - The Dinner Party

Season finale:
Hoping to help Arlo woo a girl, Maddie invites her snobby parents to a dinner party. Maddie casts herself as the perfect mom, but the plan goes sideways when Frank has to play her fake boyfriend and Thelma gets high.


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  1. A Look Who's Talking Reunion on Next Week's Kirstie! I loved those movies! But whatever Travolta has done to his face just does not look right.

  2. Michael Richards and Jason Alexander are back together on 'Kirstie' tonight