Happy Christmas, Miss King (1998)

Happy Christmas, Miss King (titled An Avonlea Christmas on later DVD releases), is a Road to Avonlea reunion movie. It was made for television and first aired in 1998.
The King family from the Road to Avonlea television series gather together during the first World War to celebrate the holidays. The season is a time of crisis for the family this year, however, as eldest son Felix who was fighting overseas has been listed as missing in action. Meanwhile, Aunt Hetty grapples with loneliness and a potentially fatal back injury; Felicity searches for a new career; and Olivia considers moving back to Avonlea.


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Jackie Burroughs, Lally Cadeau, Cedric Smith, Gema Zamprogna, Zachary Bennett, Mag Ruffman, Patricia Hamilton, Molly Atkinson


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I'm not sure I knew they had done a reunion movie, though it is vaguely familiar. I certainly haven't watched it but I intend to now that I know about it. I'll expand on this once I've seen it.
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  1. This is the reunion movie that follows this week's Tv Classic, Road To Avonlea.