Beauty and the Beast OST - Of Love and Hope

       Track List
1. Theme From 'Beauty And The Beast'
2. Acquainted With The Night
3. Laura's Theme
4. Margaret's Theme Longing
5. On Her Own/She Walks In Beauty
6. Night Of Beauty
7. A Single Night (Love Song)
8. Angel's Theme
9. Devin's Theme/I Arise From The Dreams Of Thee
10. A Promise Remembered
11. Journey's End (Sonnet No.CXVI)
12. Dancing Light/Sonnet No.XXIX
13. The Quest/Letters To A Young Poet (Excerpt)
14. Fear
15. You Darkness
16. Father Remembers/Composed On Westminster Bridge
17. The Return
18. Broken Dreams/Ode: Intimations Of Immortality From Recollections Of Early Childhood (Excerpt)
19. To Cast All Else Aside
20. Riches, Not Gold
21. Catherine's Lullaby
22. The Voice Of Her Eyes (Somewhere I Have Never Travelled)/The First Time I Loved Forever
23. A Happy Life
24. This Is The Creature


  1. this is corrupt is it possible for a fix and re-up?

  2. nevermind on re-up post, its all good, file names are too long, when extracting it wont do a sub folder, just "extract to here" instead of "extract to..." and will work fine, thanx