Four Kings

Four Kings is a sitcom introduced as a part of NBC's Winter 2006 programming but cancelled before the end of the season.
Original run: January 5 – March 16, 2006
Barry (Seth Green), Ben (Josh Cooke), Jason (Todd Grinnell), and Bobby (Shane McRae) are lifelong friends who affectionately refer to themselves as the "Four Kings of New York. The guys find their bonds to one another tested when they all move into the apartment that Ben inherited from his grandmother.

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S1 tvrips

   S01E01.Pilot.avi 175.03 MB
   S01E02.One.Night.Stand.Off.avi 175.75 MB
   S01E03.Chest.Mate..avi 174.17 MB
   S01E04.Tale.Of.The.Tape.avi 174.28 MB
   S01E05.The.Elephant.In.The.Room.avi 174.99 MB
   S01E06.Follow.The.Money.avi 174.55 MB
   S01E07.Night.Of.The.Iguana.avi 174.81 MB
   S01E08.House.Rules.avi 173.47 MB
   S01E09.Bobby's Song.avi 175.1 MB
   S01E10.Upper West Side Story.avi 173.93 MB
   S01E11.Check.Please.avi 182.8 MB
   S01E12.Lobby.Girl.avi 173.52 MB
   S01E13. Black Widows Lair.avi 173.38 MB

*note that 1x08 House Rules, should be viewed after the pilot for continuity.

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