Good Morning, Miss Bliss


Good Morning, Miss Bliss is an American teen sitcom that aired on the Disney Channel from 1988 to 1989 (and later in syndication as part of the Saved by the Bell rerun package).
The series was about a junior high teacher, Miss Bliss, played by Hayley Mills, and some of her students, including Zack, Screech, Nikki, Mikey, & Lisa. Miss Bliss was an innovative teacher, which did not always please her boss, Mr. Belding, who was the principal of the school. Miss Bliss had been widowed a couple of years before and so juggled her personal life with her commitment to her students.

The setting of the show was JFK Junior High in Indiana. After the show was canceled by the Disney Channel, NBC picked up 4 of the characters (Zack, Screech, Lisa and Mr. Belding) for a new Saturday morning series called Saved by the Bell , which became more of a teen sitcom concentrating on the antics of the students and was re-located to Bayside High School in Pacific Palisades, California.
Hayley Mills, Dennis Haskins, Joan Ryan, Max Battimo, Dustin Diamond, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Heather Hopper, Lark Voorhies, T.K. Carter

Saved By The Bell
Saved By The Bell: The College Years
Saved By The Bell: The New Class,_Miss_Bliss#Episodes

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S1 tvrips (youtube conversions)

    GMMB -  ORIGINAL Theme Song.mp4

    GMMB - 100 - Pilot.avi
    GMMB - 101 - Summer Love.avi
    GMMB - 102 - Love Letters.avi
    GMMB - 103 - Wall Street.avi
    GMMB - 104 - Leaping to Conclusions.avi
    GMMB - 105 - Parents and Teachers.avi
    GMMB - 106 - Showdown.avi
    GMMB - 107 - Save the Last Dance for Me.avi
    GMMB - 108 - The Boy Who Cried Rat.avi
    GMMB - 109 - Let's Get Together.avi
    GMMB - 110 - Practical Jokes.avi
    GMMB - 111 - Stevie.avi
    GMMB - 112 - Clubs and Cliques.avi
    GMMB - 113 - The Mentor.avi


  1. cool... never knew that the Miss Bliss portion of the series was called this. Always thought it was just "Saved By the Bell" - Learn something new everyday :D

  2. This is the greatest post i have ever seen on the internet haha. I have been looking for this for a few years. I have all the SBTB's on DVD now just can't wait for this!

  3. I wondered if these were included on the SBTB dvd's. Guess that answers my question. :)

    Glad you found me!

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    Are you going to finish the Blossom posts or no? Just curious. Would love to see them again. And By any chance do you have Growing Pains, Saved By The Bell (High school/College), Girlfriends or any Classic Nickelodeon Shows like Doug, Are you afraid of the dark, secret world of alex mack, Etc.? or a place I could find them? I would love them for my TV Collections!

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  5. LOL Glad you found me as well then!

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    I don't think I have any of the others shows you are looking for, at least not currently. I do have plans for SBTB and growing pains. But god knows when I'll pick them up.

    I'd recommend you check out

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