Testing out a new feature:
I've added the first page to an index. When you click Monday under the index, it will take you to a list of shows airing that night. Clicking the show will bring you to the links.

Please let me know what you think either by comment or voting in the poll at the top of page. Is it helpful? Unnecessary? Should I add to it? I was considering adding next air date?

If it's deemed a good addition then I will add the rest of the week as well as canceled and Ost. If not it will be removed.


  1. I personally think that it is unnecessarily doubling your work. This would be serving the same function as the Labels list on the Right!

    I think it was kind of you to try it out though

  2. Well once it's done it's not much work, just add a link to it with a new addition.

    My thinking was that once there gets to be a lot of content it might be easier to have a go to page rather than scroll through pages of posts. Kind of like a what's on this week page...

    But thanks for weighing in. We'll see what the masses think lol