The Jeff Dunham Show

The Jeff Dunham Show was a sketch comedy television series starring comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, that aired on the American cable television network Comedy Central.
Original run ~ Oct 22, 2009 – Dec 10, 2009
The show, which has been described as "broader and cleaner" than Dunham's standup act, combines segments with Dunham and his characters onstage in front of a live audience with segments where the characters visit real people and places around Los Angeles.

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S1 varies

    JDS - 101.avi 173.94 MB
    JDS - 102.avi 172.08 MB
    JDS - 103.avi 175.41 MB
    JDS - 104.avi 169.42 MB
    JDS - 105.avi 175.66 MB
    JDS - 106.AVI 318.33 MB
    JDS - 107.avi 322.47 MB

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