Jem & The Holograms - OST

Track Listing

Can't Get My Love Together
Jem Truly Outrageous (Theme)
You're Always There In My Heart
First Love
Flowers In My Hair
Glitter & Gold
I Believe In Happy Endings
I've Got My Eye On You
I'm Okay
Like A Dream
Misfits In Hawaii
Music & Dance
Only The Beginning
The Queen Of Rock & Roll
Universal Appeal
We're Off And running
We Can Make A Difference
Who Is He Kisssing
Bad Influence
Beat This
Let's Blow This Town
Music Is Magic
Set Your Sails
It Takes A Lot
Believe In Yourself
Broadway Magic
Common In
Dear Diary
Falling In Love Wth A Stranger
Gimme a Gimmick
Straight From the heart
I like Your Style
Fun To be Scared
Jem Girls
In The Land Of The Midnight Sun
One Of Those Days
Outta My Way
Rock & Roll Forever
Share A Little Bit Of Yourself
She Makes An Impression
This Is Farewell
Time Is Running Out
Too Close For Our Own Good
Twilight In Paris
Take It Or Leave It
Who Is She?
Winning Is Everything
She's Got the Power
All's right With The World
take The Time
Open A Book
i Can See Me
you May Be A Star
I'm Coming From Behind
Let's Not Forget The Past
Back In Shape
A Father Should Be
Surprise Surprise!
Making Mischief
Welcome To The Jungle
designing woman
I'm Gonna Change
Midsummer Night's Madness
Too Much
Let Me Go
You'll Never Win My Love
Under My Spell
Perfect Match
The Last Laugh
You Already Know
tomorrow is my wedding day
Everybody Wears A Mask
Love Will Show The Way
Makin It Happen
Love Is Doin It to Me
How You Play The Game
Workin Out / Doin Me In
Runnin Like The Wind
Love Is Here
Friend or Stranger
Love Unites Us
Something Is Missing
Alone again
Imagine me
Gettin' Down To Business
Stingers Theme
Mind Games
Are You Feeling Alright?
All in the Style
It's a Hard, Hard Life



  1. Teasy Teasy... RG! When you have the time you should definitely add the series! Because Jem rules!

    By the way, is there a Who's the Boss soundtrack????


  2. I hope you could add this series.
    I've been a fan of this show in my high school years. and now I'm introducing it to my 8 year old neice.

  3. This show brings back memories! I loved this show. It'd be awesome if you could add the show. Thanks a lot!

  4. I posted the MU links from N7 on CPTVFL, if you'll need them :)

  5. thanks. I will need them eventually. I still need to organize a few other shows first, so I can get them off the comp to make room.

  6. thank you very much for this OST I was looking for it for a long time ^w^

  7. Thank You Sooo Much For UpLoading This...