Sherri is a sitcom starring Sherri Shepherd that premiered on October 5, 2009 on Lifetime Television.

Sherri centers around Sherri Robinson (Sherri Shepherd), a newly single mom, paralegal  and part-time comedienne/actress who tries to get back into the dating scene and move on with her life after divorcing her cheating husband. Sherri finds solace and support among her girlfriends at the office while juggling her hectic life.
Sherri Shepherd, Tammy Townsend, Malcolm Jamal Warner, James Avery, Brandon Khalil, Kali Rocha, Elizabeth Regen, Kate Reinders

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    Shr - S01E01 - Pilot.avi
    Shr - S01E02 - I Have a Dreamboard.avi
    Shr - S01E03 - Thrown for a Hoop.avi
    Shr - S01E04 - Lost Weekend.avi
    Shr - S01E05 - There's No I in Church.avi
    Shr - S01E06 - Dating Dad.avi
    Shr - S01E07 - All in The Timing.avi
    Shr - S01E08 - Stronger.avi
    Shr - S01E09 - Birth.avi
    Shr - S01E10 - 4 Women and a Baby.avi
    Shr - S01E11 - The Game Changer.avi
    Shr - S01E12 - Thanks-for-not-for-nothing-giving.avi
    Shr - S01E13 - Indecision '09.avi

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