Birds Of Prey

Birds of Prey was a television drama series produced in 2002. The series was developed by Laeta Kalogridis for The WB and is loosely based on the Birds of Prey DC Comics series. Despite the weekly ratings of 7.6 million viewers and the network's largest audience in the 18-34 demographic at the time, the series was cancelled. Thirteen episodes were produced in total.
New Gotham's Undercover Superhero Batman has disappeared leaving behind a daughter from his long-time love Catwoman. Her name is Helena the mysterious superhero known as "The Huntress". She has teamed up with the paralyzed hero "Batgirl" together they meet up with their next teammate Dinah Lance. Dinah is a telepath and psychic who had terrifying dreams about Batgirl's brutal accident. They must learn how to work together and become not only a team of superheroes but also a family.
Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, Rachel Skarsten, Ian Abercrombie, Shemar Moore, Mia Sara,

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S1 tvrips

    BoP - 1x00 - unaired  pilot.dvdrip.avi
    BoP - 1x01 -  Pilot.avi
    BoP - 1x02 - Slick.avi
    BoP - 1x03 - Prey for the Hunter.avi
    BoP - 1x04 - Three Birds and a Baby.avi
    BoP - 1x05 - Sins of the Mother.avi
    BoP - 1x06 - Primal Scream.avi
    BoP - 1x07 - Split.avi
    BoP - 1x08 - Lady Shiva.avi
    BoP - 1x09 - Nature of the Beast.avi
    BoP - 1x10 - Gladiatrix.avi
    BoP - 1x11 - Reunion.avi
    BoP - 1x12 - Feat of Clay.avi
    BoP - 1x13 - Devil's Eyes.avi


    BoP - Aimee Allen - Revolution video.avi
    BoP - Devil's Eyes promo.avi
    BoP - Gladiatrix promo.avi
    BoP - Lady Shiva promo.avi
    BoP - Prey For The Hunter promo.avi
    BoP - Primal Scream promo.avi
    BoP - Promo - Big story.avi
    BoP - Promo - Her Secret.avi
    BoP - Promo - myths become legend.avi
    BoP - Promo Untamed Fury.avi
    BoP - Sins Of The Mother promo.avi
    BoP - Slick Promo.avi
    BoP - Slick promo 2.avi
    BoP - Split  promo.avi
    BoP - Three Birds and a Baby promo.avi
    BoP - pilot  deleted scenes.avi
    BoP - promo - Reliance.avi
    BoP - promo - counterpunch.avi
    BoP - promo - more quotes.avi
    BoP - promo - new champions.avi
    BoP - promo - weapon.avi
    BoP - promo huntress.avi


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  2. Excelent!!! thanks so much!!! Its great!!

  3. Birds of Prey is such a good show. I just discovered it!!!! Ugh....I always like cancelled shows. No networks believe in cult genre shows anymore, its so annoying. At least the WB took a chance on cult shows, hardly any networks do anymore...especially involving witches, or powerful women.

  4. I agree. Though we have got a few to choose from.

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