The Others

The Others is an American  TV  series created by John Brancato and Michael Ferris, and produced by Delusional Films, NBC  and DreamWorks Television. It ran on NBC for 13 episodes from February 5, 2000 to June 10, 2000.
 It concerned a group of people with various psychic talents as they encountered different, and often evil, paranormal  forces. Essentially an ensemble show, primary focus was on student Marian Kitt as she came to terms with her (frequently unwanted) abilities. Although the series gradually built up an overall storyline of a strong evil power targeting the group, its cancellation meant that this was never properly resolved.
Julianne Nicholson, Gabriel Macht, Missy Crider, Bill Cobbs, John Billingsley, Kevin J. O'Connor, John Aylward

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S1 TVRips

    The Others S01E01 - Pilot.avi
    The Others S01E02 - Luciferous.avi
    The Others S01E03 - Eyes.avi
    The Others S01E04 - 1112.avi
    The Others S01E05 - Unnamed.avi
    The Others S01E06 - Souls On Board.avi
    The Others S01E07 - The Ones That Lie in Wait.avi
    The Others S01E08 - Don't Dream It's Over.avi
    The Others S01E09 - Mora.avi
    The Others S01E10 - Theta.avi
    The Others S01E11 - Till Then.avi
    The Others S01E12 - $4.95 A Minute.avi
    The Others S01E13 - Life is For the Living.avi


  1. Thank you for this. Now my Morgan & Wong collection is complete.
    I haven´t seen this since it aired, but the last episode scared the crap out of me at the time.

    FYI: According to IMDB, your episode list is in the wrong order:

    Thanks again from Denmark

  2. yes the eps ran out of order. This is how they should be viewed for continuity

  3. Great blog RickiesGal! May I ask for a re-upload of this series?

    Thanks from Greece

  4. I don't upload anymore but found working links here:

  5. Hi again RickiesGal! I visited the link you suggested above and I found the series but the quality is not watchable. Now, I remember having downloaded this series from your blog years ago and you had uploaded TVRips from the Chiller channel and the quality was great. The files were 350 Mb avi encoded with the XviD codec at 640x480. Please do a search for them and if you find them I am willing to give you an amount of money as a reward for sharing them with me. We could use dropbox or any other cloud service. In any case you do wish to help my email address is:

    Thanks again, god bless you!