The Charmings

The Charmings is an American fantasy sitcom that aired from March 1987 to February 1988 on ABC.
The series' plot was that fairy tale characters Snow White and Prince Charming were magically transported to a 20th century suburb in California. Each episode shows the Charmings trying to adapt to their new life while Lillian, the wicked stepmother, and her wise cracking Magic Mirror watch from upstairs. After the first season, Caitlin O'Heaney (who portrayed Snow White), was replaced by Carol Huston.
Christopher Rich, Caitlin O'Heaney (1987), Carol Huston (1988), Judy Parfitt, Cork Hubbert, Brandon Call, Garette Ratliff Henson Paul Eiding, Dori Brenner, Paul Winfield

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Not very good quality but watchable. Nice bit of 80's fluff :P


    TChrm - 1x01 - The charmings.avi
    TChrm - 1x02 - The Mirror Cracked.avi
    TChrm - 1x03 - Modern Romance.avi
    TChrm - 1x04 - The Charmings Buy a Car.avi
    TChrm - 1x05 - The Incredible Shrinking Prince.avi
    TChrm - 1x06 - An 80's Kind Of Prince.avi


    TChrm - 2x01 - Lillian Loses The Kids.avi
    TChrm - 2x02 - The Charmings Go Plastic.avi
    TChrm - 2x03 - The Witch Is Of Van Oaks.avi
    TChrm - 2x04 - The Fish Story.avi
    TChrm - 2x05 - Cindy's Back In Town.avi
    TChrm - 2x06 - A Charming Halloween.avi
    TChrm - 2x07 - Trading Places.avi
    TChrm - 2x08 - Lillian Loses Her Powers.avi
    TChrm - 2x09 - Yes,Lillian - There Is A Santa Claus.avi
    TChrm - 2x10 - The Charmings And The Beanstalk.avi
    TChrm - 2x11 - The Charmings Get Robbed.avi
    TChrm - 2x12 - Birth Of A Salesman.avi
    TChrm - 2x13 - The Man Who Came To Dinner.avi
    TChrm - 2x14 - The Woman Of His Dreams.avi
    TChrm - 2x15 - Lillian's Protege.avi

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