Tower Prep

Tower Prep is an American-Canadian television series that  debuted on Cartoon Network on October 16, 2010. The series is created by Paul Dini, a former producer and writer of the DC animated universe.
The last two episodes of the first season aired on December 28, 2010. In October 2011, Cartoon network removed all Tower Prep content from its website. In December 2011, Paul Dini announced that the series would not return for a second season.
Ian is a rebellious teenager who had recently been suspended from his school. Shortly thereafter, he wakes in a mysterious preparatory high school, with no idea how he got there nor where it is located. The school itself is focused on finding the "unique potential" of each of its students. Along the way, he makes friends with C.J., Gabe, and Suki. Together, they investigate the mysteries of the school while trying to escape.


    Theme Song:
Drew Van Acker, Ryan Pinkston, Elise Gatien, Dyana Liu

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RG's Views
Didn't finish this series either. It was good. I will go back to see how it finished at some point. I liked the concept of the students with strange talents that you aren't sure are supernatural or not.

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