hey Bloggies I just realized something....

...actually it was 2 days ago. But it still counts!

To those of you who have been here from the beginning, thanks for hanging around. And to the new people who find me each day, I hope you'll stay to see our 2nd anniversary.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work you do posting stuff around your blog! Can't wait until your second anniversary... : )

    Also, great work on those Buffy The Vampire Slayer videos, especially "Just Has To Be This Way"... So bittersweet...

    Thanks a million!!! ^_^

  2. aww thank you Bridett. I hope we are all still here next year as well.

    And thanks for watching the vids. they don't get a lot of feedback so it's nice to know someone is watching.

    I have a new buffy/angel vid rolling around in my brain actually. Now i just need to sit my butt down and do it.

  3. Has it been a year already?? WOW!

    Congratulations! *hug*

    You ROCK!!!