Dawson's Creek

Dawson's Creek is an American teen drama television series created by Kevin Williamson which debuted on January 20, 1998, on The WB and was produced by Sony Pictures Television. The program, part of a new craze for teen-themed movies and television shows in America in the late 1990s, catapulted its leads to stardom and became a defining show for The WB. The series ended on May 14, 2003.
Set in a small coastal, Massachusetts town named Capeside, Dawson's Creek tells the story of four teenagers as they struggle through adolescence. This is particularly true for 15-year-olds Dawson Leery, an introspective dreamer Joey Potter, a precocious tomboy unaware of her beauty. Best friends since childhood, they are about to enter that confusing time in life where nothing is the way it was and nothing is as it seems.


   Theme Songs
Paula Cole - I Don't Want Wait
Jann Arden - Run Like Mad 
Adam Fields - Dawson's Creek End Credits

Young Americans

James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes, Kerr Smith, Meredith Monroe, Busy Philipps, Mary-Margaret Humes, John Wesley Shipp, Mary Beth Peil, Nina Repeta


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 RG's Views:
Dawson's creek was another of those shows that helped define a generation. Up until then I'm not sure any teenagers ever had use for such profound vocabularies. Probably hasn't happened since either. But the show never failed to bring a tear or a smile or an wistful moment of awe. There was a character everyone could relate too. Sometimes you hated them, but yet you still always loved them.
And over the years we saw lots of guests stars and recurring characters, that have since gone on to be some of the big faces of tv and movies.

The finale of this series is not one I am overly fond of. First they did that thing I hate most in a series, the time jump. If it isn't about time travel, then please do not skip years in the lives of my favorite characters and expect me to be ok with it. And I just didn't feel it needed to happen here. I won't reveal the major plot points of the finale for those that may not have caught it the first time around, but it was a controversial ending that left lots of fans shaking their fists at the tv gods in fury, while others rejoiced. But at least we got an ending. And if not pleased at the choices at least, satisfied that the questioned were resolved.

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