I am adding new tags to my blog labels. Just gonna add the basic genre, so anyone who is in a particular mood can suss out what they want.

So anyway, I have started by adding sitcoms, and will do drama & dramedy.

But here is where I am faltering a bit. When it comes to fantasy/psy-fi stuff,  I was just gonna go with paranormal. Thinking that that covers all of it. 

But do you think I am right to simplify it that much? Here are a few different examples of the shows I have (or plan to) so that you can see what I would be lumping together:

  • science fiction stuff like Star Trek, Defying Gravity, Seaquest, Dollhouse..etc 
  • fantasy like Beauty And The Beast, Dead Like Me, Joan Of Arcadia, Lois and Clark..etc
  • Supernatural like Buffy, Eastwick, Charmed, Supernatural...etc

My main query here is the first one. Does it make sense to call shows like that paranormal? A lot of them have some sort of fantasy element to them, aliens or super powered humans.  But is that enough to classify them as paranormal? Should I make a separate label? And if so what?

Any other genre labels you think I should include in general? Adventure? Futuristic?

I'd like to hear the perspective of those who actually use the blog so any thoughts are appreciated.

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