The Help

The Help is an American situation comedy television series which premiered on The WB on March 5 and ended on April 16, 2004. The show only aired seven episodes and was canceled shortly after in April 2004 after low ratings.
Maria is on her way to becoming a beautician, when her mother gets sick and she has to come home and take care of her. After her mother passes away, Maria is forced to take over her mother's job as the maid for the wealthy Ridgeway family. But she soon discovers that not only is there a class struggle going on between the Ridgeways and the staff, but there's also an all out war among The Help.
Camille Guaty, Al Santos, Brenda Strong, Keri Lynn Pratt, Megan Fox, Mindy Cohn, Marika Dominczyk, Antonio Sabato Jr.

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S1 TVRip

    Hlp - 1 Pilot.avi
    Hlp - 2 Dwayne Gets A Cold.avi
    Hlp - 3 Maggie Chicken.avi
    Hlp - 4 Pahtay.avi
    Hlp - 5 Ollie Shares.avi
    Hlp - 6 Doghouse.avi
    Hlp - 7 Searching For Grandpa Eddie.avi

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