Hiccups was a Canadian television series created by Corner Gas star Brent Butt, whose rights are owned by CTV and The Comedy Network. The show premiered on CTV on March 1, 2010 and was cancelled after 2 seasons due to poor ratings.
The series stars Corner Gas' Nancy Robertson, who plays the role of Millie Upton, a children's author with anger management issues, which are referred to as "hiccups," giant outbursts, which could be described as a giant fit of depression. These outbursts are immediate, so they are prone to happen at any time. After being told that she needs some help controlling her anger issues, Millie finds a man named Stan Dirko (Brent Butt), whom she hires as her life coach.

  Theme Song:
Hoot n' Holler by Craig Northey and The Odds


Nancy Robertson, Laura Soltis, David Ingram, Emily Perkins, Paula Rivera, Brent Butt

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RG's views:
I preferred this one to it's sister show Dan For Mayor, But still never got all the way though it either. I did really enjoy the interplay of real life couple Nancy Robertson & Brent Butt. they play off each other really well. Despite my procrastination, this one is actually worth a watch.

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