change and still more change

So I figured since I am already making changes it must be time for  a new layout.  Hope you'll like the gothic red and black.

Also I've added a couple of new gadgets. To the right under Recent Updates, you will see Recent Comments. Now we can keep up with any conversations or thoughts that I hope will occur in the show topics. I've also added a  blog stats, to keep track of posts number and comments. Help it climb! And way at the bottom of the page I've added a page turner. So now you can skip to your page of choice instead of scrolling one at a time.

I've made changes to Monday nights current shows. And it's taking longer than I thought to get it all the way I want., so bare with me. Gonna try and get them done before they air. You'll now find that I'm adding a show trailer and theme song link to the info. At least when I can find it I will. (Maybe later I'll attempt to add them to youtube myself if they are missing, but youtube loves to block my content so I make no promises about that.)

Next we have RG's Views. For now they are all pretty brief. Just a few thoughts on the show in general. I imagine Gypsy will join in with her own thoughts when she gets a chance.  Next we'll have an airdate, promo (when available) and summary of the upcoming episode or season.  Starting next week, once the episode has aired I'll move that info up to previously. So you can always see the last episode and the next.

Once we've watched the episodes, we'd love to chat about them, so leave your comments and we'll have ourselves a gab. Spoiler haters beware.  Oh and I am also removing all the old comments regarding links. No need of them and don't want new readers getting any ideas. But my thanks to all of you who posted over the years.

I'm still undecided about what to do about the soundtracks... obviously there won't be links anymore. Is it still useful to have the track up as reference? We'll only be adding what's in our own collections. Which means if we found it you can too ;)  Would you like an amazon link added? Our thoughts on the music? you tell us.

So what do you all think. sound good? look ok? anything you think that needs changing or adding?

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