NBC Cancels 'The Michael J. Fox Show'

Great Scott! In a move that was admittedly obvious since the struggling sitcom drew its first 0.8, NBC has canceled 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' effective immediately.
Just over a week ago, the Peacock dropped the ax on 'MJF's lead-in 'Sean Saves the World,' which I covered here. At the time, I wondered just how soon 'The MJF Show' would itself meet the business end of the ax. It turns out that my prediction (that NBC would air all 22 episodes, then cancel the show) was way off, evidently because I misunderstood a certain facet of Fox's contract with NBC.
It was my understanding that NBC had made an upfront commitment to air a complete season of 22 episodes, but it now appears that NBC was only required to *produce* 22 episodes. What this means is that the three million or so people who watched 'MJF' on a regular basis may now never get to see the seven remaining already filmed episodes, one of which includes the hyped up guest appearance by Fox's 'Back to the Future' co-star Christopher Lloyd.
Following the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the 9-10 p.m. Thursdays slot will be occupied by all-new episodes of 'Hollywood Game Night.' This works out well for NBC, as 'HGN' would have had to vacate its current Monday home once 'The Voice' returned anyway.
If nothing else, I hope 'The Michael J. Fox Show's failure doesn't drive its star back into retirement. Despite the many problems that this particular show had, Fox's performance wasn't one of them.


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