Angel: After The Fall

Angel: After the Fall is a comic book published by IDW Publishing. Written by Brian Lynch and plotted with Joss Whedon, the series is a canonical continuation of the Angel television series, and follows the events of that show's final televised season. The first issue was released on November 21, 2007.
Angel was an comic book series from IDW Publishing. The title began as a limited series subtitled After the Fall. This storyline lasted for seventeen issues, after which IDW chose to continue the series as an ongoing with new writers. While After the Fall was plotted by Joss Whedon and considered canon, the canonical status of subsequent issues is more ambiguous.

Angel: After the Fall sees the heroic vampire, Angel, coping with the apocalyptic aftermath of the television series after he took over and subsequently betrayed the demonic law firm, Wolfram & Hart. The city of Los Angeles has since been sent to hell  by Wolfram & Hart as a result of Angel's actions. The series follows his attempts to rescue the people he has sworn to protect.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer S8

Buffy the Vampire Slayer S9

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  1. Thank you very very much. Effort appreciated.

  2. Hey Spike #3 and 4 have been out and Angel #37!

  3. thanks for the heads up. I found them!

  4. angel after the fall links:
    link for issue 28 = issue 27
    29 = 28
    30 = 29
    31 = 30
    32 = 31
    33 = 33!!
    34 = buffy season eight 35
    35 = 34
    36 = 36, 37=37
    and so on...
    ultimately missing issues 32 and 35
    uncertain about links before issue 28

  5. link for
    Angel_Annual_01__2009 = Angel_-_Only_Human_05

  6. NB. with regards to above. Comic files are incorrectly labelled, so links appear valid.

  7. MU was screwing up when I uploaded; it was renaming my files.

    So do you mean they are incorrect or that the filenames are wrong?

  8. Hi! First of all HUGE thank you for your amazing work! I have a question. Could you please-please-please upload Illyria: Haunted" comics? Thanks!

  9. Hey, I double the request, the Illy comics would be great <3

  10. I am still looking for the first issue of Illiria. No sign of it yet.

    But I just posted Angel #38 :)

  11. thanks very much fro helping me find these links everyone. very much appreciated. :)

  12. still no luck with illyria? =[

  13. Thank youu!! T_T Recently i finished watching all the angel episodes i haven't seen since it has been canceled on our tv and it made me so sad good things come to an end. I miss angel&spiky&buffy world on tv so much!! Thank god for the comics. :D <3

  14. A HUGE thx to you and all the people who give you link, i have bought the first 6 books of Angel After the fall, but I didn't liked Aftermath and i didn't want to buy blindy again anymore comics didn't write by Brian Lynch, so i'm wandering if anyone here find a link to the 40th comics of Angel ? No luck in my parts.

  15. Hey!
    You def are an ANGEL!! =)
    Thanks for all th links tht you've put up!
    Great job, i must say.
    But there is a tiny bit of a problem.
    Some of the links hve been jumbled up an down.
    All th comics are available, except 2.
    They are:
    The link for Issue #32 says its for 32, but it is actually #31
    And the link for #35 says its for 35, but is actually #34

    I would really appreciate it if you would get those two missing comics, cuz i will literally go crazy not knowing wht hpnd!

  16. thanks for the heads up. replaced those links.